I find it interesting how little modern Christians know about the early church. In comparison with our Catholic and Orthodox brethren, Protestants know little about the early church. In our protest against tradition, we have profoundly rejected our past. Skipping straight from the New Testament to today (adding just a bit about the Reformation), we engage our history haphazardly, failing to remember the foundations of our faith. Although scripture contains the essential truth needed for salvation in Jesus Christ, I believe that church history contains valuable spiritual lessons for today. The world of early Christians was very much like ours: one divided by Christian sectarianism and false teachings, dominated by secular and a pagan attitudes, and desperately needing true Christian conviction.

This blog is an attempt to introduce you to early Christianity and increase your faith in Jesus Christ through understanding those who first picked up their crosses and fought the good fight. As I grow in my own knowledge of the early church, I pray you would share in the rich blessings of our shared heritage in Christ. Thanks for stopping by!

Further thoughts:
Why study history?


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